Virtual STEAM Academy Program: Incredible Insects

Studying Bugs Was Never This much Fun!


Weekly on Thursdays from Oct 8th - Nov 11th 2020

  • Thu (10/8) 4:30pm-5:15pm (45 min)
  • Thu (10/15) 4:30pm-5:15pm (45 min)
  • Thu (10/22) 4:30pm-5:15pm (45 min)
  • Thu (10/29) 4:30pm-5:15pm (45 min)


Grades 2-8th


Online- Private Zoom link included in registration confirmation email


6-13 years old


Parents welcome!



INCLUDES: Lab Box valued at $40.

Discount: 10% Sibling Discount available

Class Curriculum

Over 900,000 different types of insects live in the world. In fact, insects account for 80% of all animal species!

Insects are a very important part of any ecosystem. They help decompose plant and animal material, pollinate plants, and are part of the food chain. High in protein, insects are the only food source for many types of frogs, lizards, birds and mammals.

Humans even eat bugs! Scientists estimate there are millions of insects yet to be discovered. Entomologists are scientists who study insects. With this

Club SciKidz lab box, you will become a junior entomologist. You’ll learn how to identify insects, learn about a cool insect adaptation, create a butterfly feeder, and engineer a hornets’ nest.

Science Kit Included with All Supplies

  • Insect identification charts
  • Insect Viewer 
  • Build a Fire Fly!
  • Insect Catching Net
  • Material to build a butterfly feeder
  • Supplies for a paper mâché wasp nest
  • Best Identification Books for kids
  • 15 Micro Experiments and Observations
  • Don't forget the science surprise!